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Sunday, May 11, 2014

May in the Demonstration Garden

This week we are gearing up for two great Eagle Scout projects to be completed by Max and Sam Holland on Saturday, May 17th, and Saturday, May 24th. Please plan to come on up and help Troop 110 build 3 pvc raised bed covers and one beautiful "corn house" (my own invention) over 2 other raised beds. I will be on hand and needing assistance in planting seeds in these 5 beds.  Here is my plan: we will have a soup bed, with all of the vegetables that you would need to make a vegan stock (such as rutabaga, turnip, beets, parsley, leeks, garlic). We will have a melon bed, and then I had an idea to grow the vegetables that would go into succotash, so a bed of bush lima beans, a bed of corn and a bed of spice plants such as jalapeƱo peppers, sage, onions. On the north side of the corn I will plant lettuces and kales, as the corn will shade them from the hot weather. I also have some pumpkin plants to stick in somewhere, and in all of these beds I will observe the Plant Companion Proprieties (look up companion planting on line).

Also, Nancy Hunt-Coffey and her group of young gardeners from All Saints have brought up a worm farm this weekend. I need someone to help me feed the worms by saving their kitchen leavings, such as old fruit, coffee grounds, old undressed salads, skins of fruits/vegetables. Please send me an email if you can help with this and we will make an arrangement.  No citrus or animal products please. <>

There is much to do in the garden this summer. I look forward to it, and to having old and new friends join me. I will have photos of the bed covers next time. Garden on!  GGLH

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