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Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Too Hot....

But I've been working in the garden anyway. I decided to try to build a bed cover for the tomato plants, as we are starting to get tomatoes forming and I just know the ground squirrels are watching them. I have gotten a good start on a 3 foot tall cover for the back bed, not quite finished gluing things yet but it is (hopefully) functional and protecting the plants. Skip and Craig's 2 foot tall cover seems to be working for us, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On May 17th, Max Holland will be building 3 more 2 foot tall covers for his Eagle Project, and the the following week, his brother Sam will undertake something I'm calling "The Corn House", which will be a very attractive wood and wire greenhouse sort of structure which will attach to one set of beds, it will have a door, and it will be tall enough to grow the shorter varieties of corn.

On the remaining beds, I am open to suggestion. Because this is a demonstration garden, I want there to be different sorts of covers, so people can see the possibilities for gardening under extremely challenging conditions, animal-wise. I am considering a cold frame design made out of wood that will have 2 hinged doors for access.....

Also, it is absolutely brutally sunny up there, so high on my list is some garden furniture and some sort of sun protection. I won't be around next week, so stay tuned. Lisa Davis will go up on Wednesday next to water the newer growth and weed. Please join her, around 10 a.m. Also, if anyone has contacts with our local public/private schools, we could really use some service learners who need community service credit, please have them contact me, Barbara Linder, at <> and garden on!

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