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Friday, September 21, 2012



  • Girl Scout troop 10855 will be in the garden harvesting this Saturday. If you go up, please fill the butterfly bath and check for any wilted plants that need to be watered with the hose. I think squash and basil are ready, but not corn/tomatoes.
  • Remember to bring up a bag of cottonseed meal, bone meal, blood meal or any other organic soil supplement you can find. We are storing them in between the beds, or up on the edge of the beds.
  • It should be easier to make a comment now as Soozie has twitched that a bit. Use the comment section to let us know what time you will be in the garden, so you won't be alone!Send me a comment after Saturday to let us know how it went.
  • Bring food for the compost bin!! (coffee grounds, egg shells, dead leaves, shredded newspaper. And water the compost.
  • Remember the City only wants us to use the middle Doheny gate between 8 and noon. Thanks.


  1. I will be in the garden tomorrow morning after 9, leaving before 10 am. This is also my first comment, so it's a bit of a test! Dick

    1. Dick, I am reading all comments and greatly appreciate them!! I am learning so much about blogging. barb L.

  2. I was there around 8:30 and watered a bit. Weeded with Dick- now that its getting water the Bermuda Grass it tying to move onto the hillside (Dick pointed this out)

    1. Hi Tom, I am attempting, quite feebly, to enter the current century. Yes, we will have to weed on the hillside. water is a great temptation to all plants. Dick will be a very good teacher in the garden, very knowledgeable. Barb L.

  3. Rachel and I from troop 10885 and Anshu and Arjun went up this saturday morning after 10. we watered and added to the compost, watered that and brought bone meal. There are now 4 bags. We harvested basil and a couple of squash..

  4. Thank yous to all of Saturday's gardeners: Martha and Anshu, Tom and Dick. I will be in the garden on Wednesday to check up on the corn and the tomatoes. Barb L.