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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The garden went inside

On Saturday morning May 18th, I started out in the garden with student volunteer Eddie Mack. He did a great job tending to our compost, turning and watering it. Then he planted some drought resistant flower seeds on the hillside. We packed up some compost and the worm farm and went down the hill to All Saints Beverly Hills, where we talked to a group about the hows and whys of composting at home, and also introduced them to the worms. It was very funny, because at the beginning the children were all "EWWW, they look like snakes" and by the end of the day they were naming them and taking them home in paper cups to start their own worm farms! On Wednesday evening, May 29th, I will be speaking at All Saints with a panel discussing the rise of communal gardening in our city and what it has meant to me as an individual.

This coming Saturday, May 25th, we will be in the garden around 10:00. Eddie will be helping us again. Girl Scout Troop 10885 may be doing an experiment in the garden soon to see if we can keep the ground squirrels at bay. Stay tuned. See you in the garden. Barb Linder (aka garden girl lives here).


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