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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday March 30th, 2013

We accomplished a lot of spring planting today: Tom Pease and Skip Zelenka sowed a bed of corn, and this season Tom will learn all the ins and outs of corn culture. We added compost and a balanced organic fertilizer, planted the seeds in mathematical blocks, watered them in and covered them with a crop cover to keep the birds from eating the seeds. More corn instruction as the season proceeds....
Skip worked on our compost: he cut up some of the dead leaves, put them into our barrel composter, watered them nicely and gave them a few turns. We will have ripe compost in about 3 months. By the way, I have harvested about a cup of worm tea from our farm. I'm saving it for use in the garden later in the season. Corn is a very heavy feeder, and needs a couple of hits of nitrogen during the growing and fruit forming periods.

Jean Rosenblatt and Ellen Lutwak were also on hand. We planted tomato, jalapeno, beet, melon, cucumber, celery, lettuce and bean seeds. All of these have until April 20th to germinate; if they don't then we will put in young plants. My theory is that vegetables planted as seed in the spot they're going to grown on in will do better: we shall see.

On Wednesday April 2d I'm going to continue on with my pest fighting battles. I am going to plant garlic around the bed borders and plant the mint hyssop I've been growing at home from seeds harvested in the garden last fall. See you in the garden!

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