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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Troop 33 in the Garden

On Saturday November 3d, Eagle Scout candidate Chanan Batra, his family and friends, and Troop 33 installed our 5th and 6th raised beds, with assistance from local luminaries such as Charlotte Frank (B.H.H.S. Earthlings Club) and her mom Deborah, Martha Galvan, her scout daughter and hubby, intrepid nature photographer Jeannie Cohen (see grub shot below), fellow UCLA horticulture student Helen MacDonald, Chief Leveler Skip Zelenka, new volunteer Gerry Nettleton, the ever-faithful Dick Motika, and others.

Special thanks go to Whole Foods and Ellen Prager, both for the free food and the gardening assistance, and also to Steve Hough, city grounds supervisor extrordinaire. Thanks also to James Greenway, friend of the Batra family, for all the construction know how. Thanks to Shirley Smith for her help on Saturday, and also for arranging for a great donation of compost from Santa Monica Community College (by the way, their compost is donated by Whole Foods!)

If anyone would like to join me, I am planning on presenting the Mayor with a basket of our Zebra Tomatoes this coming Tuesday evening (November 14th) at 7:00, city council chambers. I'm going to briefly explain what we've been doing up at Greystone, and I'm going to ask the City to think about bringing that area back to life.

Also, mark your calendars for December 1, 10:00 a.m. Mr. Don Smith, soil specialist and teacher at SMCC, is going come up and show us how to start and maintain a worm farm!!

 The above grub is the larva of the fig beetle. He is a great compost helper!

1 comment:

  1. hi everyone,
    troop 10885 senior girl scouts went this morning and with help of leader, father and Steve, filled the beds with multiple wheelbarrows of dirt, trimmed butterfly garden and worked on compost.
    still need about 5 bags of good soil compost for the beds before planting next sunday. either the scouts coming or boy scouts might want to continue this.